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More about TEDxWestshoreSalon

TEDxWestshore will have 6 Salon sessions in 2020.

What's a Salon session? A Salon session is a smaller, more intimate gathering of the community. Each Salon has a theme, selected by the Salon presenter that day. We will watch a curated TED or TEDx talk, and then have an opportunity to talk about the theme, the talk, and explore more about the topic. In TED or TEDx events there is no Q&A section; Salon events allow us to take that opportunity.

Our Salon events will be held at the Godfrey Hotel in Tampa. We will gather as a group, enjoy breakfast, and have conversations while enjoying the views of the bay. A little networking may occur as you meet new friends.

We can't wait for you to join us at our first Salon on January 12th!

Get your ticket today:

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