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TEDx Westshore: Reflecting on the Year that Was By: Marla Bautista

We’ve had a year of ups and downs, but we’re so proud of everything we’ve done this year. As our team reflects on the past year, we realize just how much we’ve learned and implemented in the last 12 months. It’s been quite the ride, from exciting new ideas to changing habits to reigniting the flames within! We are eager to ascend into the new year with even more inspiring speakers, topics, and opportunities.

Changing Habits

Most of us spend our time thinking about what we can achieve and how we can be better. But too often, we forget to think about what we’ve already achieved. At TEDx Westshore, 2021 has been an eventful year. We’ve seen many changes come to fruition—and if you ask us, it’s all thanks to our devoted team of volunteers, partners, and sponsors who have worked tirelessly to bring an idea into reality. You know, one way I measure my success is by looking at whether or not I am getting more things done faster than I used to get them done; whether more things are happening as a result of what I do today than were happening yesterday because of what I did yesterday. And that is true for me every day – Stephen R Covey.

How Our First TEDx Event Changed Us

In December 2021, we held our first TEDx Women’s Event in front of a live audience. This event was the first-ever TEDx Women’s Event in Tampa, sponsored by The Regent and Frameworks. Hosted at the Bryan Glazer JCC, the event, nestled in an optimum location where the staff made us feel welcome, and the food was delectable. We reflected on that experience and how it changed us. We spoke candidly about our joys, challenges, and learnings from hosting a TEDx event and how its impact is felt by more than just the local community but worldwide as well. As many of you know, organizing a TEDx talk is an incredible amount of work; it’s intense and time-consuming. Nevertheless, the fulfillment of placing influential leaders on a stage where their voices can project throughout nations is indescribable.

Time to Reignite the Flame

2021 was a year of growth and renewal for TEDx Westshore. It marked our first in-person women’s event and allowed us to celebrate in person with our community. Afterward, we went back to work, brainstorming, planning, and commencing what’s to come! February will be another first as our inaugural TEDx Westshore, postponed from 2020, will occur. This event brings new speakers, new ideas worth spreading, and a unique opportunity to connect with our community.

We've been steadily building an inspiring and innovative community since our first TEDx event, but there’s work to do. In 2022, we will focus on continued growth through engagement, networking, and collaboration. We're taking concrete steps to reach out to new, influential leaders and partner with new organizations to make our community even more diverse than it already is. Will you join us on this enthralling journey of discovery?

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